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The Company Directors

We, Stefan Gauci Scicluna and Jennifer Magri have started working together back in 2005, supplying several bespoke food packaging items in Malta and the UK. During this period, we have steadily built up VistaPak Ltd (www.vistapak.eu) with hundreds of packaging solutions to the food industry.

VistaPak’s innovative approach for food packaging has helped define, not only the way packaging bags and film were designed and supplied in different markets but also how it could be used for marketing purposes to reflect the demands of today’s discerning purchaser.

These are some of the clients and partners that we have worked with since 2005:

Our Clients and Partners

Following the success of VistaPak, we have brought this mentality of integrity, service and excellence to the property business.  We look forward to working with established property partners who have a very high level of integrity and trust.

Our Philosophy of Integrity, Service and Excellence

We are driven by our commitment to integrity, service and excellence in our approach with our clients and suppliers.

Great service, quality and price is to be expected in today’s competitive market, but we would not wish to be defined by these basic prerequisites alone. Maturity has taught us that doing business should be pleasurable in all respects. Pleasurable for our customers, for our dedicated staff and also for our suppliers.

We see everything as a partnership and regard the hours we spend at work as a very relevant component of life’s experience, and we hope this approach is reflected in the way we do business together.

Our Company Directors