Finding good builders for any building project is never easy considering the many fake ones that are commonly available. Are you in the process of handling a building project or even building a house extension? Are you worried about not getting a perfect builder for your project? Whether you’re considering starting a construction project or building your dream kitchen extension, you need a good builder. Whether its loft conversion or whatever project you have in mind,  get a good builder and not just a cowboy builder.

If you have had the chance to watch TV cowboy builders then you know why you should avoid them. If you have heard of someone who had a challenge due to engaging any builder then you are likely to be more cautious when it comes to finding a builder for your project. It really doesn’t matter how well prepared you might be with your building project. Failure to find a great builder has the potential of making one delay their building project.

One thing that’s certain is the fact that there are actually more good builders than the bad ones. Executing a good construction project starts with putting in place the right team for your building project. It starts with having a builder that you can trust. The question is how do you find that builder?

Begin by asking the right questions

There are a number of things that need to be considered when looking for good builders. Here are some of the questions that you should ask;

  • How do I find a great builder?
  • How much does it cost to work with a great builder?
  • What are some of the challenges that I’m likely to face when engaging a builder?
  • Where can I get some of the great builder’s reviews?
  • Who are some of the great builders?
  • Should I hire a main contractor or separate tradesmen for the project?

Don’t just ask the questions, you should also find answers to the questions before you start the project. Ensure that you make your due diligence and not skip them as it’s what guarantees the success of your building project. Opting to make decisions without due diligence may only lead to some costly mistakes Such situations can be avoided if you get answers to your questions.

How do I find a good builders?

When looking for a good builder, you should take time and carry out research. Apart from asking your friends for recommendations, you should look within your locality for those undertaking similar projects.  Ask them questions, take a look at the projects that are similar to what you intend to undertake. Ask about the builders engaged for the project. Such people are in a better place to inform you of some of the mistakes they encountered that you can avoid. They are also able to notify you of the solutions they found. They are also more likely to recommend and good builders that you can consider for your project.

How much does it cost to work with a great builder?

When carrying out your research, ensure that you get quotes from at least three good builders that you can consider working with.  Regardless of the size or nature of your job, you need at least three builders that you can compare based on the quality of their work, their building costs, and other factors. Once you have settled for the three builders you can organize site visits with them to your property then ask for quotes.

If you already have drawings or plans that are already approved then you can supply the prospective builders with the plans so that they can generate accurate quotes. Never agree to the work immediately as you will still need comparable quotes from other builders as well. Remember that a good builder will never pressurize their prospective clients into making a commitment. It’s also important to note that the cheapest quote may not be the best.

What are some of the challenges that I’m likely to face when engaging a builder?

There are a number of challenges that you might face when working with a builder. Having knowledge of them can be of great help.

  • One of the major challenges is when the builder fails to deliver quality work as had been promised. You should have measures in place to ensure that you’re compensated in case such happens.
  • Failing to fire a contractor who fails to do quality work. If in case they aren’t working consistently then that will definitely lead to delay for the project.
  • Failure to put proper documentation in a place like copies of written communications with the contractors, and important agreements is vital as failure to do that may be costly if in case you are not satisfied with the work and is forced to terminate the contract.
  • If in case of working with a bonded builder, you should ensure that you get a copy of the builder’s surety bond before signing of the contract. That might help you in case the builder stops being responsive once you raise questions over their work.

Where can I get some of the good builders reviews?

Before you settle on the right builder for your project, it’s vital that you take a look at some of the reviews given by those who have engaged with the builder. You may check with the builder’s website, or even inquire from your network of friends where you can get the reviews. The reviews will give you a good insight into who the builders actually are and whether they are capable of handling your project effectively.

When settling for the right builder, you should take into account all the aspects that are already shared. Take into consideration the recommendations from friends and relatives, the report from those who have already done similar projects like the one you intend to do within your locality, you should shortlist the best 3 builders and ask them for quotations. Go ahead and check the reviews and make your decision based on all the factors.

The choice of the builder should also depend on the type of contract you intend to undertake. It’s the type of contract that will determine whether you may need a contractor or tradesman for the project.




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