Credit report
When you apply for a mobile phone contract, mortgage or overdraft, or a credit card; lenders normally take time to check your credit report. They will check how much credit you have so far been given and how your repayment history is like. Based on your information and other vital information that they get to ask alongside in your application, they will then be able to decide if you have the potential to repay the
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Borrow for a mortgage
One of the common questions that many homebuyers ask when getting started with the process is the amount they can borrow for a mortgage. They seek to know how much mortgage they can afford. The answer to the question directly impacts the price range for homes that they can consider. It’s important to note the first step begins with settling on a house that you can afford. Things to know as you borrow for a
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Remortgaging is the process of getting a new mortgage on a property that you already have. There are a number of factors that can contribute to such a move. Remortgaging normally takes place when you have reached the end of your mortgage deal. However, there can also be other good reasons to switch. This expert advice guide covers all that remortgaging entails; why you might consider it when to consider remortgaging, the costs of remortgaging,
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A mortgage is a loan that’s secured for the sake of purchasing a property. It can be a home, real estate property, and such like.  The borrower gets from the lender the funds required to purchase the property. In return, the lender gets a promise from the borrower to repay the loan with some added interest. The mortgage document legally secures the contract and provides the lender with a legal claim against the borrower’s property
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Bridging financing
Bridging financing has become one of the alternative ways of getting finance. However, it’s advisable that one gets to understand what it actually entails. Raising finance for your property investment is an area that’s changing constantly. For instance, every lender almost has its own unique set of requirements that borrowers should meet. A key thing about being in the property market is the fact that there are many ways of raising finance.  It’s possible to
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