Thinking Of Selling Your House?

Has the time come to sell your home? If you’re considering selling, before going down any of the traditional routes, it may be worth your while getting in contact with ourselves. If you’re looking for a fast house sale, we take care of all of the legal fees for you.

Although we consider certain factors when we value your property, it won’t affect whether we buy it or not. We buy any property in any condition and, whilst we do ask why you’re wanting to sell quickly, it won’t affect the offer we make or the level of customer service you’ll receive.


Our agents are experienced in working with a variety of customers who need a quick sale for all sorts of reasons. By allocating you a specific agent who will be your main point of contact throughout the process, you should feel reassured and supported.

Our two-pronged valuation system simply enables us to offer you the best price for your property. Although we can’t offer you the market value price, we will offer you a fair price and all legal fees are included so there are no hidden costs. As cash buyers, we can complete in a timescale to suit you so if you need to move quickly then we can help. We take the hassle out of property sales so you can focus on the important stuff.

Why Choose Us?

We are more than just your average house buyer.

We use our own cash facilities which means that we can offer you very attractive trade prices in the industry. We have years of experience and we take care of the whole process for you, making selling your house a seamless and hassle-free experience. We also go the extra mile, we’ll help arrange removals, find you a rental property or negotiate an onward purchase if required.

How much will you offer for my home?

We’re as transparent as we possibly can be from the start, we won’t offer you full market value for your property. We’re cash buyers & provide a service that means we can buy your home much quicker than if you went through the traditional methods of sale. As a rule of thumb, we offer 80% of the market value, but this will sometimes be more or less dependant on a variety of different factors including location & condition for instance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What information will you need to value my property?

To offer you the best house valuation, we will need your postcode, full address and information about how much equity you have already invested in the property. It will also be useful to know if there are any issues with the property, or debts against it, as this could affect the value.

Will the results be accurate?

We use a range of tools to get the most accurate valuation of your property, based on similar properties in your area. However, it is important for one of our managers to come out to view the property as this will enable us to take into account any unique features or issues. We’ll then be able to offer the most accurate valuation for your property specifically.

How much should I sell my house for?

When you sell your house, you may have a price in mind that you’d like to achieve. Although we offer a fair price, we can’t offer you the full price so you should bear this in mind when you contact us. We will always work with you to achieve the best price for your property. Our agents and managers will talk to you and take into consideration your circumstances as well as unique aspects of your property, and the area that you live in, in order to present the best possible offer.

What is the most accurate website for home values?

Unfortunately, none of the online estimates is accurate, especially if you have a different range of house prices on your road. The best way to get a value is actually to have someone visit your home, we often send a regional manager ourselves in order to provide you with an offer.

What does market value mean?

The definition of market value is an estimate of the amount for which a property should exchange on the date of the valuation between a willing buyer and seller.