The upward curve in UK property market prices is a good sign for investors. It’s therefore, the best time to consider investing. Apart from being the center for low business costs; the UK is considered the world’s fifth-largest economy. This is due to enhanced accessibility to innovation and a highly-skilled workforce. The UK is therefore one of the most competitive economies in the world with a very supportive regulatory and legal framework. The environment is quite conducive to the creation of high growth industries, Such helps with providing investors with higher chances for business success.

Here are some of the high growth industries that make the UK an attractive place for foreign investment. The industries include; healthcare, automotive industry, life sciences, and technology. The supportive business environment translates into very high potential investment opportunities in the UK property market.

Areas as Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, and other major cities have great investment opportunities. At the moment, the focus is on some of the key areas. Such areas include; digitization and 5g network, Aquaculture, Agritech, and sensors for autonomous vehicles. Others are rail infrastructure, new materials, sustainable packaging, satellites, wound care, and tissue regeneration.

Shifting to the UK property market; here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in the UK.

Positive House Price Predictions on UK Property Market

The trend of property prices in the UK has remained stable over the years. It’s also expected that the trend will continue in the coming years. As much as this is a new indicator, it’s important to note that it doesn’t take into account individual success. It also doesn’t take into consideration the various city cores that are also expected to over-perform over the national average.

Top European Country for Property Investments

The appeal of the UK as the top destination in Europe for property investment has remained resilient on a worldwide scale. Even in the midst of political challenges and Brexit, the appeal that the UK has on foreign investors still stands. Another key thing that makes the UK be the most preferred for property investment is its infrastructure and international networks. It also has a team of highly skilled people making it an ideal place to invest money in.

Top European Country for Foreign Direct Investments

The UK is one of the most competitive economies world over. This is evident around the major cities beginning with Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, and London.

Investment in Infrastructure

Over the last 10 years, the UK has invested heavily in infrastructure. It’s still expected to accelerate the rate of its investments to counter the impact of covid 19 and Brexit. The emphasis of the government is towards the sharing of investments all across the UK. This will help in ensuring that the resources are well distributed across the country for sustainable reasons. In the coming years, it’s clear that the significant infrastructural investment that has been done around the UK will begin to bear fruit. There is more likely to be a dramatic change and improvement in connectivity. This may also include the prices of houses and employment across the UK.

Cross rail is another key investment that’s bound to be a game-changer. This is vital in the southeast enhancing accessibility within and out of London. HS2 is bound to connect eight major cities between the North of the UK and the Midlands. Such a move is likely to increase the prices of houses all across the UK. This will be due to better connectivity alongside higher productivity.

Regeneration in the UK Property Market

UK cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, and Cardiff are flourishing making them ideal property investment destinations. Over the last 10 years, property prices have tremendously increased in London. The biggest growth in price revolves around these major cities around the UK.

UK Under supply of Property

The Buy-to-Let property in the UK is worth over £1 trillion. It represents the opportunity to invest in a sector that has immense potential. According to various research reports, it’s estimated that the UK renters will outnumber the homeowners by the year 2039. Such an imbalance is likely to have a huge impact on the market. This is with regard to higher returns on investment for the investors. When you consider the fact that the private rented sector (PRS) itself is set to grow at the rate of 24% by 2021; it means that one in four people will be renting instead of owning a home.

If in case you have an investment property in any of the emerging markets then there is a high potential for profit. However, that depends on purchasing the right BTL property which is profitable on a monthly basis.

Low Unemployment

The fact that property prices are at an all-time low means that it can only go up. The weak pound, low-interest rates, and low growth rate in the property prices and key things to watch. The unique combination makes investing in the UK property market to be quite attractive. The local authority also supports those who are unemployed by paying for their rent to the landlords directly. The move ensures that the property market is well supported with continuous rental payment. This scenario increases the amount of money that landlords can charge as rent. It also causes the monthly rental income to be much higher than seen before.

Educational Credentials

Out of the top ten universities world over, two of them are found in the UK; Cambridge and Oxford. Most of the universities in other UK cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, and Manchester, are in the top 100 world over. Other top 100 universities also include;  Birmingham and Nottingham. This demonstrates a high level of competitiveness when it comes to education. It, in turn, translates into higher-end markets which also include the property market.

Rising Tenant Demand in UK Property Market

According to various reports, the expansion of the UK is quite evident in the coming years. It has been forecasted to grow to about 74 million people within the next 20 years. That is a clear expression showing that the potential demand for housing is quite significant. A number of the major cities are not investing in housing. This provides private investors with the opportunity to fill the gap that exists within the market.


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